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Bread & Barley

About us

Located in Covina, CA, we are an upscale pub featuring gourmet food and craft-brewed beer and wine. While always gourmet, we feature an affordable menu for the foodies and a satisfying craft beer menu for the beer snobs (this includes admitted beer snobs, those who mistakenly think they are beer snobs, and those who do not know they are beer snobs).

Our menu highlights some of the pub grub classics with a Bread & Barley twist on each of them. We are pouring craft beers from many of the best local breweries to celebrate the fact that you don't have to go to Belgium to find a good beer. We have a wine list that has some of the best wines in this great state of ours also. Bread & Barley brings a new environment and energy to the area that goes back to the good ol' days when people gathered to eat good food, drink good beer and have a good time. Bread & Barley will elevate and surpass your expectations of the &quote;neighborhood pub.&quote; Here you are family and your business is appreciated, not expected. So pull up a chair and let's toast. Cheers!
When people go out, they always like to do two things: Eat and Drink. Depending on where you go, you might have to sacrifice one for the other. Perhaps you love a certain restaurant and wish you could have a tasty beer with your meal, or you wish your favorite watering hole had more than just soggy chicken wings to eat. Well at Bread & Barley, you don't have to worry about that anymore.